Fanning the Flames

Still haven’t gotten to write any tests for the auction program =:(. There’s way more business logic in the JSPs than I realized. I started to enter some bidding data to develop the tests and ended up debugging the errorhandling on the JavaServer pages. But it works, and that’s the endgame. As soon as this iteration ships, I’d like to take this whole thing back to drawing board and rebuild it, test by test. The reinstall on the new server cured our missing library woes, and everything went up just fine. Once we straighed out which keystore we were using, and the correct certificate type, the SSL certificate updated just fine too. Only glitch is that port 443 is not responding on the new server. It seems to be a firewall issue, but the sysop hasn’t found the problem yet. I tried SSL over 80 and that worked well enough.

The kids need shoes! We got Jake a new pair last night at the mall. Katie almost found a pair, but the purple ones didn’t come in her size. Stopped at Friendlys: slow service, great food. Tried the open meatloaf sandwich. Hmm, hmm good. Jake entertained his mom with the story of the Donner family, while Katie patiently awaited her sundae. Even managed to get back in time for Wife and Kids!