No Fooling

My Struts Quiz made the home page on April 1st, bouncing the book back into the 500s (or better) again – still in the Java top ten! We’re about to make our fourth printing of SIA, and there’s a Japanese translation in the works. The errata has trailed off, so maybe the 4th time will be the charm =:0)

The Retract Bid story went in easily. Did the Right Thing and set it up to mark the records, as if they were deleted. This made it easy to print a log of the retracted bids under the nominal bids. This also keeps all the detail so we can even undo it. (In case of data-entry error.) If I can get through paging today, that will sum up the necessary changes for the public part of the auction. That leaves improvements for fulfillment and user administration for next week. I’m eager to get through this so I can back to work on the Oklahoma project.

Finally go the laser printer fixed. It’s been pulling multiple pages when it heats up for some tie. Turns out there’s a lawsuit. Deadline for filing is the 8th, and my paperwork is even in the mail!